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Best Place to Buy & Sell Dirt Bikes in Ohio

My boys and I got into the hobby of riding dirt bikes a couple years ago.  So as any beginner would do, I started looking for used bikes online.  Much to my surprise, they are extremely hard to find.  Dirt Bike dealers, because they primarily work for the manufacturer selling new bikes, don't really carry much inventory.  So of course, I've spent countless hours on cycletrader and Craigslist searching for dirt bikes for my boys.

What a challenge that is.  There are so many ways that can go badly.

 After having bought 4 or 5 bikes, some good experiences and some bad, I thought it would make sense to try something.  I want to bring a little confidence to the process for people looking for used bikes. 

I'll be buying  bikes, and working with a long time friend and professional dirt bike mechanic.  We will be picking up used bikes, cleaning them, repairing them and offering them for sale at competetive prices.  This way you don't have to visit a dozen homes on back country roads and crazy garages to find a reliable bike.  You can go to one trusted source and buy a bike you know has been professionally serviced.